5 beneficios que no conocías del Aceite de cacay

5 benefits you didn't know about cacay oil

What is it?

Cacay oil is extracted from the nut of the cacay, a fruit of Amazonian origin found in the Orinoco region of Colombia. This oil is possibly the richest in the world in terms of retinol, squalene, and vitamins (E and F).

What is it for?

This oil is unique in the market due to its incredible composition that helps with skin rejuvenation, hydration, healing, and recovery.

5 benefits you didn't know about cacay oil:

  1. Anti-aging

Thanks to its high content of vitamin E, this oil has a huge anti-aging power. Vitamin E is considered the youth vitamin due to its anti-aging and antioxidant benefits, which increase skin elasticity and help blur imperfections.

  1. Nails

It helps to recover and treat mistreated nails, helping them grow stronger and prettier.

  1. Scars

This oil has a repairing effect on the skin that helps eliminate scars and marks permanently. In addition, it prevents their appearance by hydrating the skin in depth and creating a protective layer.

  1. Hair

By applying the oil on damp or dry hair, you will get shinier and silkier hair to the touch.

  1. As a treatment

It has been shown that this oil helps treat some skin conditions, such as psoriasis, dermatitis, skin fungi, diaper rash... This is due to its great ability to recover and renew cells.


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