Pañalitis y sus cuidados con Cacay

Irritant diaper dermatitis and its care with Cacay

We all want to take care of the little ones, which is why today we bring you a natural remedy to protect their skin. Diaper dermatitis is the most consulted pediatric condition in the USA. This skin lesion affects thousands of children worldwide, and that is why we must know how to treat it.

This skin condition that appears on babies' buttocks due to the use of diapers is characterized by the appearance of intense red spots that can cause great discomfort.

This is a delicate skin injury that can take a long time to disappear and even worsen to the point of having to resort to a specialist.

That is why it should be treated from its first appearance. Experts recommend keeping the baby's skin as dry and clean as possible, which is why it is recommended to change their diaper continuously.

In addition, it is recommended that when bathing the baby, they should be dried delicately and dabbed all over the body until completely dry. After that, the skin should be protected with some cream or ointment.

The pure cacay oil is perfect for this as it prevents the skin from burning due to the acidity of the feces while recovering the epithelium and the dermis.

It is important to use suitable products that do not contain toxic ingredients for babies. That is why a good option is to use 100% natural products.

One of the key ingredients to treat this injury is vitamin A (retinol), which helps cell regeneration and maintains healthy skin.

Pure cacay oil is probably the richest in the world in vitamins (A, E, and F), in addition to its high content of squalene.

That is why it has been shown to be very effective in treating this condition due to its great dermis recovery capacity. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal sterols, it prevents infections, which, along with its other active agents such as squalene, make the baby heal quickly.

But, how were the properties of this oil discovered? Cacay oil originates from the Amazon cornucopia in Colombia, and the inhabitants of these lands used cacay as a remedy to treat the skin and stay young.

In babies, it was a great remedy when the skin was irritated, especially in the diaper area, which was affected by the acidity of their feces.

That is why this oil was tested for diaper dermatitis, giving good results from the first applications.

The way to use the oil is, once the skin is clean and dry, to apply a thin layer of oil to the entire affected area by dermatitis, waiting until it is absorbed before putting the baby's diaper back on.

This procedure should be repeated three times a day until the dermatitis disappears completely.

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