El secreto de la belleza

The secret for natural beauty

Previously, beauty was conceived as a symbol of power and money, and only people with a good level of wealth could afford treatments and surgeries to look younger and more beautiful, such as creams, serums, injections, and surgeries.

However, in recent years, the cosmetics industry has begun to incorporate natural and affordable ingredients for everyone, among the most recent being Cacay Oil. If you want to achieve visibly younger-looking skin without spending thousands of euros on cosmetic treatments, this may interest you.

Cacay Oil is extracted from the fruit of the Cacay tree, native to the Amazon, and whose benefits were unknown until recently. This is possibly the richest oil in the world in terms of its Retinol, Squalene, and Vitamins E and F content, ingredients that help rejuvenate, hydrate, heal, and recover the skin.

Compared to Rosehip Oil, it contains up to 3 times more Retinol, an anti-aging component that helps with cell regeneration by reducing wrinkles, expression lines, and sagging skin. Additionally, it renews skin cells, which can help reduce skin discoloration.

Vitamin E helps with scars and stretch marks, attenuating them thanks to its great antioxidant capacity.

Vitamin F helps restore the skin's natural barrier, providing extra hydration that makes the skin look radiant. It also helps eliminate redness and excess sebum, a common problem in oily skin .

People who have already tried it have been surprised:

Excellent results. Immediate softness and hydration. I am surprised by the very positive reaction in my skin, after suffering from irritation for so many years. We are delighted, I have recommended it to all my friends and they have only had positive opinions and results. Recommended 100%.

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It's magnificent. It leaves the skin hydrated and radiant. Since I started using it, I have noticed and others have noticed an improvement in the condition of my skin, healthier, hydrated, and nourished. I recommend it without a doubt.

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It is recommended for all skin types (dry, combination, oily, young, or aged) because even oily skin needs hydration, and there is nothing better than doing it with natural and high-quality products.

To apply it, we should take 3 to 7 drops of oil on the hand with previously clean skin. Using the fingertips, we will begin to spread it over the face, making upward movements. Finally, we will apply the excess oil to the neck and décolletage. You will notice that the oil is quickly absorbed.

Of course, every skin is different, and the results may vary in terms of the speed with which they occur. That is why we encourage you to try Cacay Oil for yourself so that you can evaluate its results.

Arles Biocosmetics is a pioneer in working with Cacay Oil, not only offering this product in its pure state, but also combining it with hyaluronic acid and other ingredients, thus creating a line of products where you can find: day and night serums, creams, nail treatments, among others... are you going to miss it?

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