Masaje capilar con aceite de cacay

Capillary hair massage with cacay oil

Do you feel like your hair is weaker? Stress, uncertainty, and mental health problems are everyday issues due to the global pandemic we are living through. This leads, among many other problems, to hair loss, losing volume, shine, and even generating small bald spots on the scalp.

This is undoubtedly a complicated problem, and the first thing you should do if you think that stress and anxiety are dominating your life is to seek the help of a mental health specialist. However, to treat this hair loss, it is also advisable to use specific products for this problem.

We recommend pure cacay oil to strengthen and recover damaged or weak hair. Cacay oil is characterized by its high content of vitamins (A, E, and F), which helps to deeply moisturize the scalp. Vitamins (A and E) stimulate fibroblasts, which are responsible for producing elastin; on the other hand, vitamin F, known as the youth vitamin, strengthens the hair follicle, preventing hair loss and giving it more elasticity, thickness, and health. Cacay oil also helps control dandruff and prevent infection of hair follicles thanks to its high content of sterols.
To massage the scalp, you should use your fingertips soaked in oil and make circular and upward movements, from the neck to the forehead. This will help activate the blood circulation in this area and better absorb all the nutrients in the oil. You should repeat this process two or three times a week, for 5 minutes, and leave it on overnight.
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