La vitamina E y sus beneficios para el cabello

Vitamin E and its benefits for your hair

Over the years many people have experienced the numerous benefits that vitamin E provides for hair health.

Experts have shown that vitamin E helps maintain healthy hair and scalp, due to its natural antioxidant effects that help hair growth. It also helps to restore the shine that hair loses as a result of damage caused by heat or chemicals.

In addition, vitamin E

can also help prevent hair loss, as shown by a research study of 38 volunteers experiencing hair loss that examined the role vitamin E played in preventing hair loss. The study found that one of the components of vitamin E improved hair growth in the study participants.

Cacay Oil is possibly the natural oil with the most vitamins (A, E and F) in the world, in addition to its high sterol content. This combination makes it the perfect oil to take care of your hair.

in Cacay Oil, the combination of vitamin E with vitamin F helps hydrate the hair for longer, achieving more lasting effects. The synergy of these vitamins stimulates fibroblasts to produce elastin and collagen. Additionally, cacay oil is rich omega 6 fatty acids and in squalene, both of which are important components in hair and skin health. These compounds help the regeneration and enlargement of hair capillaries. On the other hand, it is rich in Beta Sitosterol which inhibits Alpha 5 Reductase, a factor in hair loss. This decrease in hair density is caused by a conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.

There are two ways to apply the oil: the first as a treatment and the second as a finish.

To use the oil as a treatment you must apply it on the scalp and massaging it during the application, in this way you will get the oil to be applied evenly over the entire capillary surface.

The other function of the oil is to use it as a serum, with dry or wet clean hair, you must apply a few drops of oil from middle to end, you can do it on both wet and dry hair, this will help your hair look shinier and the touch silkier.

In conclusion, vitamin E is essential for the health of our hair so we must incorporate it into our routine with quality products such as Cacay Oil.

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